"I know that which the Lord hath commanded me, and I glory in it. I do not glory of myself, but I glory in that which the Lord hath commanded me; yea, and this is my glory, that perhaps I may be an instrument in the hands of God to bring some soul to repentance; and this is my joy." -Alma 29:9
Sister Adorable's Mission Blog

Monday, June 24, 2013

Friends and family FYI!

Sister Adorable has been informed that she is not allowed to give her direct address to friends and family. All letters are to be sent to the Mission office in Lilburn, GA and will be sent to her from there. For this reason, expect Sister Adorable to be delayed in receiving your letters for 2 weeks. Thank you for your patience in writing her!

Learned a lot this Week!

Dear family, I have learned a lot this week. Sister Beck and I did not work as hard as last week and I could definately see a difference. I was a little frustrated because I knew we weren't reaching our full potential. It wasn't that we weren't teaching or working, cause we were, but I think we were a little distracted since it was Sister Beck's birthday. It was hard to see her receive a package and letters every day this week. It not only made me miss all of you, but it distracted both of us from focusing on what is more important. It was also kind of sad because two of our investigators that were on date aren't getting baptized anymore. Brannon, who was going to get baptized on the 29th, said that this is a little more involved than he thought and he needed some time to reflect. :( Then at church yesterday Nathaniel (Ryan's older brother who is a member) said that his parents want Ryan to wait until he is 14 to get baptized. That one was particularly hard for me to hear because I invited him to be baptized. I understand though. His parents want him to show that he wants this more. It was at this point that Sister Beck and I realized the Lord was trying to tell us that we need to work harder. We both realized how distracted we were and we discussed what we were willing to give up for the Lord to bless us. Barbara's baptism was so great. I was so happy for her and I think it was a pleasant experience for her. I was so grateful for the opportunity to see her come closer to Christ. In the last two weeks, I really have grown to love her. Seeing my first baptism here was such a surreal thing. It sometimes still doesnt seem like I am on a mission. I've realized that the reason I feel that way is because I am physically away from worldy things but my mind still thinks of those things. I decided it is time to really focus now. It is time to really get to work and give the Lord everything I have. On Tuesday I went on an exchange, which is where you switch companions for a day. I went with Sister P. She is a Sister Training Leader (in charge of all the sister missionaries in our zone) and from Tahiti. She has had so many trials in her life, yet she is an exceptionally hard worker and has an amazing testimony. She taught me how to genuinely converse with new people and how to connect with them. I saw how hard missionaries really can work and I know now that I can set my goals even higher. With the Lord on your side, anything is possible. Our mission president asked us that our whole mission consecrates the month of July. This means being exactly obedient in every way in order to increase our success as missionaries. It has been interesting for me to see how easy it really is to get distracted, become lazy, and not work as hard as you can. No one is really monitoring what you do except for you, your companion and the Lord. It is really important to stay motivated. Tomorrow our whole mission will fast for 24 hours. During this time we have been asked to ask the Lord for help in being exactly obedient. We are promised that if we are exactly obedient 24/7 in the month of July, we will feel the Spirit more strongly and we will be more successful. I'm really excited for this. The mission did this last year and the missionaries that were there testified of many miracles that were a result of their obedience. I look forward to sharing my own miracles with you all :) Well that's all i have for this week but I can't wait to tell you more this week. The Lord really does know everyone and He puts in certain places at certain times for a reason. Never make an opportunity a missed one. Be bold and share the gospel. Help the missionaries. When members help us out, miracles can happen. Love, Sister Adorable

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Week One in Hotlanta!!!

Hello lovely family! This week was WONDERFUL!!! I adore Atlanta. When we landed the blue sky was filled with fluyffy clouds and it is green everywhere. I love President Wolfert and his wife. They are great. When I got to Atlanta it felt like 200 degrees. The humidity is like when you shower in the Philippines. There is no point in wearing makeup or doing my hair cause by the end of the day it looks like you didn't even get ready. There is no taming the wild beast that is my hair. No point. My companion, Sister Beck has been out for 3 months. Kinda hard cause she's having to teach me everythign when it is so new for her, but we get along really well. She is from Spanish Fork UT and is a beautician. She said sh'ed be happy to cut my hair when it needs it. SCORE. SOOOOO GUESS WHO HAS 3 BAPTISMS COMING UP?!?! President has emphasized making our monthly goals weekly instead. Lots of high goals. Like contacting 70 people on the street a week. hard but doable. However high goals makes you have high expectations. Although I'm excited for the baptisms, they are a result of other people's work. They started it and now I am just helping see it to the end. I am so happy to finally be in Georgia! I'm so excited to do the Lord's work. I thought my adjustment would be a little more difficult but to be quite honest Atlanta reminds me a lot of Dallas so it hasn't been too bad. The only time I really got homesick was when I went to sacrament meeting yesterday on Father's Day. It was hard to see all of the families and it made me really want to be with yall but I know that if I focus on the work I won't think about what I don't have here. Sister Beck has been great. I know that she is still pretty new so she doesn't know everything, but she has already taught me a lot. I think she can probably push me a little harder but I am still learning a lot. We get along really well and she is easy to work with. She has a great testimony and is really great at explaining gospel principles simply, which is something I can work on. She has become a valuable friend and companion and I am grateful to have her. Although it is hot in Dallas, it is NEVER this humid. The car is being put to good use. We drive to visit as many inactive members as we can, if we don't have lessons, and then tract in the area. Last week we made 18 meaningful contacts in one day. I really love contacting people. It is so interesting to hear what their beliefs are and then to share our testimonies and how the gospel of Jesus Christ can help them. The Christ like attribute I'm working on is patience and love. We had quite a few wonderful experiences this week. I made my first invitation for baptism and Ryan accepted. He is getting baptized on July 6th. I love teaching Brannon too. He is getting baptized on June 29th.Also, Barbara IS getting baptized this Saturday. Sister Beck and i seriously considered dropping her, especially after she mentioned that you wanted us to use our time effectively. However during my personal study I was reading in Alma. It was the part where Lamoni's wife said that she didn't think her husband stank. It was amazing because as I read that familiar scripture the words stink were replaced with "drop" and I immediately thought of Barbara. I told Sister Beck that I did not think that we should drop her and she agreed. The next time we met with Barbara we did not come with a lesson but instead decided to just ask her questions to see what was holding her back. After several inspired questions, that did not come from me nor Sister Beck, we were able to discover that she needed to know if Joseph Smith was a true prophet. We told her to stop cross referencing scripture to learn about less important doctrine and to ONLY read the Book of Mormon. She agreed and said she'd pray about if she should get baptized on June 22. As we left, Sister Beck and I really were not sure if the time was now. However, Barbara came to church yesterday. She told us during 2nd hour that she knew Joseph Smith was a true prophet and that she wanted to get baptized! YAY!!!! I know that the Lord guides those who are prepared, if we are obedient and diligent. I'm so excited to be here and I can't wait to help more of my brothers and sisters come closer to Christ. I hope you have a great week!!!! So when you knock on people's doors it goes one of the following ways: 1. Noi'm already a Christian but God bless your soul 2. No I've gone this long being saved, why mess that up now? 3. I already have a Bible but I appreciate you stopping by. 4. Sure I'd love to talk about the skinny guy (Jesus) with you. People here love Jesus. It's hard though because they're really devout Baptists, Church of God, Lutheran etc members. Sooo everyone talked up the fried chicken and barbeque here. However I have not been impressed. They do use Sweet Baby Rays though. Everywhere. It's so good. So teaching is scary. I've probably read the Preach My Gospel lessons like 6 times now but it's still scary. I just gotta learn to listen to the Spirit and just talk with people. My companion thinks I'm a scriptorian. Not so. It's hard cause when you're out here you're only studying for the investigator. not you anymore. Every day I want to take a nap. I'm not allowed to though. Sometimes sister beck and I eat lunch as fast as we can so we can sleep. Missionary work is exhausting. I am tired all the time. Oh by the way I am in a car area for now. So for the next 12 weeks as I am trained I get to use a car. Kinda a blessing cause it means we get AC during the summer months. I'm bummed I don't get to use my bike yet. I LOVE IT. It is so cute. Nice work daddy :) Soo I'm kinda bad at taking pictures sooo I don't really have any to give right now. However I will soon :) They asked me to play piano at the District Meeting on Thursday. Keep practicing Paolo!!!! Umm I'm trying to think of anything else. Oh I get an hour to email each week :) Also Paolo unfortunately I have not worked with a lot of black people with weird names in this area. Sister Beck said that that occurs in the country. Sometimes we'll be driving and it will really look like Plano except with more trees and hills. It literally disorients me sometimes. Mom I miss cuddling with you, watching CSI, and eating your food. Sister Beck tries to cuddle with me but to be quite honest I am just not comfortable with that yet. Daddio I can feel my back is out. I miss you and your steak and just talking to you. You are a GREAT dad! Well love you familia. yo se que Jesu Christo es mi Savator. Yo se que el libro de mormon es un libro verdad. That's right. I've had to use my spanish and it is not too shabby . I sat by a spanish speaking elder on the plane to GA. I am convinced we'll need it cause everyone in my MTC district speaks spanish. Well love you all. Stay strong and read Alma 7:11-12. The Savior understands you when no one else does :) Love, Sister Adorable


Last email received from Sister Adorable from the MTC was on June 9th, 2013.

Last email from the MTC -

Hi family! I don't have much time but I just wanted to let you know that I depart for Georgia on Tuesday and I will be allowed to call you. We leave the MTC at 4 AM and our flight for Georgia is around 7 AM Utah time. I will be using a calling card so be ready to receive my call. Love and miss all of you! I will send you a letter with a copy of a journal entry of a really cool experience I had! Can't wait to talk to yall! Love, Amanda

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Amanda ...No more! First email recieved 6/6/13

Hello wonderful family!!!! I am soooo sorry that I haven't written back yet! My Pdays at the MTC are on Thursday but since last thursday was our first full day, we didn't get a Pday :( Let me tell you that I'm happy I have one today cause I am EXHAUSTED!!!! The MTC is amazing!!!! It seriously is like heaven on earth! It's so cool to see God's army of missionaries all the time. The coolest part is that we are all doing exactly what our heavenly father wants us to do so he is blessing us with his spirit all the time. It's the coolest. I leave for Atlanta next TuesdayJune 11th. SOOOOO SOON!!!! I still have so much to learn. PS mommy I got my debit card and that code will be just fine! Thanks so much for all of your letters they have really helped!!! Okay let me catch you up on my life! I had lunch in the cafeteria, similar to the cannon center. Gross food. It doesn't sit well with my stomach. Good thing my companion doesn't mind going to the bathroom with me all the time. She is AWESOME. Kinda embarassing but when you gotta go you gotta go ;) She is from Utah and her name is Sister Grimnes(grim-ness). I met my district. There are 10 people in my district and they are all going to my mission, which is rare. I LOVE them. I think one reason I haven't been that homesick is cause they are like my family. They are spiritual giants and they teach me soooo much. They upllift me and there is something about bearing your testimony with them all the time that brings your SOULS closer together. I already love them and the thought of them leaving makes my heart hurt. Good thing we're going to the same mission. As soon as you get to the MTC, they put you to work!!!! I taught my first investigator on Friday (it was really one of my teachers) and he was soooo hard. Sister Grimnes and I would bear our testimonies of Joseph Smith and he would kill the spirit by saying something about Southpark. Ummmmm....like what???? He is sooo tricky to get through to. I have now taught him 4 times and each time is frustrating because he won't open up to us so we don't know what we need to teach him. I've learned a couple of important lessons. PRAY all the time. Seriously we pray like 20 times a day and I've never prayed more. Friday, Saturday, Monday, and Tuesday were probably the most discouraging days of my life. Sister Grimnes and I broke down serveral times in those days because our investigators were IMPOSSIBLE and everyone else in our district was having success. NEVER COMPARE YOURSELF TO OTHERS BECAUSE WE ALL HAVE SOMETHING DIFFERENT TO OFFER TO THE LORD. Anyway I learned that sometimes the Lord breaks you down beyond what you think you can handle in order to humble you, force you to turn to him, and shape you into the person he wants you to become. I NEEDED TO BE HUMBLED. I'm grateful I was too. I've also learned that when you are teaching an investigator you are teaching a person not a lesson. Also you should imagine that it is the Savior talking to them instead of you cause that is essentially what is happening. You are the mouthpiece. I've learned to let go and not follow a lesson plan. The minute you start worrying about how to say something, the Spirit leaves. This has been one of the scariest things for me to do, since I'm a perfectionsist and like to plan, but I've leaned the importnace of listening to the Spirit. I have experienced miracles. We didn't know if one investigator was a real investogators or an actor. Talk about pressure. She HATED me. She asked about poligamy, FLDS, why we need BOM if we have bible. AHHHH scariest lesson ever. Well first lesson sucked. 2nd lesson we didn't go in with a lesson but just wanted to get to know her. We talked and as she started to trust us we figured out what issues we had and the spirit told us what we needed to say to help her. The spirit is amazing. I was super busy this week. I am the travel leader for 18 missionaries besides myself when we fly to Georgia. I was also made the Sister Coordinating Leader for my zone which consistst of 36 elders and sisters so sister Grimes and i look out for those sisters. Kinda intimidating cause we're supposed to guide them and tell them everything they need to know. Kinda hard since I've only been at the MTC for a week. Oh well. The Lord qualifies the called. Well the next time you hear from me I'll be in GEORGIA! I leave June 11th. Gotta go. Love you! Love, Sister Adorable

Friday, May 24, 2013

Advice to those Who are Preparing

Serving a mission takes lots of spiritual and physical preparation. Here are some things I did to prepare. 1. Read and STUDY The Book of Mormon: this along with your belief in your Savior Jesus Christ should be the foundation of your testimony. Reading it will invite the Spirit into your life and will bring solace when you are faced with temptation and trials. 2. Read Preach my Gospel. It not only has the lessons you will teach on your mission but also tells you how to be a good missionary. The lessons may seem overwhelming but if you memorize the key points for each lesson, it will become easier. 3. Go to the temple as often as you can. There is a special peace you receive in the temple and it helps you develop your relationship with the Lord. Also going to the temple can be an overwhelming experience if you allow it to be, so going back several times helps increase your understanding. 4.Go out with the missionaries. I think the unknown is one of the things that makes a mission scary. However, if you go out with the missionaries you can see what you will be doing and they can answer any questions you have. Going out with the missionaries was a big comfort for me because I saw that missionaries are imperfect people and the as long as they are trying their best, the Lord will help them. 5. Spend as much time as you can with your family. (Obviously!) Your family will probably be your biggest support. Cherish those relationships and allow them to flourish before you leave. 6. Start shopping for missionary clothes EARLY. Finding cute, affordable clothes that meet the standards in the missionary handbook can be difficult so it is wise to look early. This also gives you the opportunity to wear them before you leave. By wearing your mission clothes before you leave, it gives you time to find other options in case something isn't comfortable, needs to be altered, or fits strangely after it is washed. DI, Target, Ross, TJ Maxx, Marshalls, J. Crew, Banana Republic, Wal Mart, Talbots and Forever 21 are just a few of the places where I found my mission clothes. You can find affordable and cute clothes. You just have to be patient and know where to go when they are having sales :) 7. Join the Facebook page "Many are Called but Few are Sisters" or something similar. It was really helpful to hear questions and answers from other preparing missionaries. It was also comforting to see other people who were called to my mission. I talked to some and went to lunch with others. Knowing a few people you'll see throughout your mission before leaving can alleviate some of your fear. I highly recommend it :) To those of you who asked, I hope this was helpful. We are so lucky to get to serve during such a great time. Do your best to strengthen and prepare YOURSELF BEFORE you leave so you can focus completely on strengthening and uplifting OTHERS DURING your mission. The Church is true. Good luck!